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Marketing Metrics Corp is a full-service digital marketing agency. Our unique ability to align sales, marketing, and technology has helped hundreds of manufacturing companies accelerate their revenue growth.

We provide a blend of inbound and outbound (account-based marketing) strategies and tactics to generate quality leads for your sales team.  Inbound marketing strategies and tactics casts a wider net such as reaching a growth industry that you want to target.Account-based marketing (ABM) focuses on delivering qualified sales leads from a highly targeted group of accountsand prospects within an industry.

The best way to illustrate how ABM and inbound marketing can be used in tandem is the following example. Let’s say that you want to diversify your customer base and target new rapidly growing vertical markets such as manufacturers of exercise equipment. Some of the inbound tactics would be to create content to showcase your expertise in this new market. It could be creating an industry related landing page with case studies, example projects complete with videos and related white papers, blogs and eBooks. SEO, social media and a PPC campaign would drive traffic to those website pages.  A conversion rate optimized website would convert that traffic to leads.  ABM tactics would be to find companies and prospects within manufacturers of exercise equipment such as the VP of operations, engineering and sourcing at Trek Bicycle Corporation.  Then use various marketing channels (email, display ads, content syndication, etc.) to targeting this person along with direct contract from your sales team.  Lastly, we would use technology such as a CRM and marketing automation to automate and track these interactions through the sales and marketing process.

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