Employment Marketing in Wisconsin That Creates a Strong Company Culture

Employment Marketing

Branding your Wisconsin company’s hiring activity with employment marketing helps you recruit stronger candidates, control your hiring and marketing costs, and improve team productivity. Think of prospective employees as prospective customers. You need to build awareness of the open position (the product) to candidates (customers) who are most likely to get hired (buy).

At Marketing Metrics Corp., we specialize in employment marketing for the manufacturing sector. We use unique and effective employment marketing strategies and tactics to boost your employer brand, meet your hiring challenges, and improve the overall experience for your existing employees.

What Is Employment Marketing?

Building your Company brand

Employment marketing involves building a strong brand as a company and employer. The goal is to articulate what makes your Wisconsin company valuable to the candidate. The employer brand image affects recruiting, retention, engagement, and the overall perception of your company. It should answer a very simple but important human resource related question: “Why should I work here?”

In our work helping industrial clients with digital marketing, we see many examples of well-run companies with terrific cultures. We partner with clients to balance their sales-centric website content with compelling employment marketing pages.

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Why Employment Marketing?

Increase your Company Visibility

Today, many applicants looking for employment use search tactics that mirror their searches for a new product or service. They search the internet to determine your potential value as an employer. 77% of applicants will research your Wisconsin company (visit your website, social channels, employee review sites like Glassdoor, etc.) before applying for a position. Employee review sites like Glassdoor enable employees to anonymously post good or bad comments about your company. We recommend visiting your website, social channels, and employer review sites like Glassdoor. Do these sites accurately communicate why someone should work at your company? Did you get a bad review by a former employee? Employment marketing uses tactics such as positive employee testimonials to manage and present a positive narrative about your company.

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Your online ‘face’ to prospective employees

Because most applicants will visit your website before they apply, we work with you to keep your website current with the latest news and functional with up-to-date technology. A mobile-friendly website is essential since most Millennials will use a smart phone or mobile device to access your website and complete an application.

We recommend creating 4 major pages to showcase your employer brand online: About Us, Careers, Community Service and News.

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Why Our Clients Love Us

“The new career related content effectively articulates why ThermTech is a great place to work and assists us in finding, hiring and retaining top-notch talent.”

Mary Wiberg Springer
Vice President