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Wisconsin Website Security Services

Wisconsin companies of any size are vulnerable to outside threats. Your website is often a customer’s first interaction with you. Without a secure website, you risk compromising your business relationships. The legal and financial implications of data breaches are significant. Build trust and rest easy by partnering with Marketing Metrics. We’ll develop an effective website security plan that protects your brand and your customers.

Website Security Services

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

An unsecure website can have negative consequences for your page rank, website traffic and the amount of data a user is willing to share on your website. HTTPS is a security protocol that uses SSL 2048-bit encryption to protect a user’s connection to the website. When you connect to an HTTPS-secured server, your web browser checks the website’s security certificate, verifying it is legitimate. You’ll know you’re connected to the right website. Any data transmitted to a HTTPS secured website cannot be tracked or stolen, and the data won’t be corrupted as it is transferred. Read our blog below to learn more.

Wi-Fi Vulnerability

Tips from your marketing & security service allies.

The recent revelation of a serious Wi-Fi vulnerability affects countless businesses and individuals in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Menomonee Falls and abroad. The potential for danger is so widespread that numerous people in web security have referred to Monday, 10-16-17, as Black Monday. All devices that support Wi-Fi may have been affected by this vulnerability, which enables attackers to decrypt WPA2 connections. Read our blog below to learn more.

Website Security

ADA Website Compliance

How do I make my website compliant?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines issued in 2017 require companies to create websites accessible to people with disabilities. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination in public – and websites are in the public domain. While much of your site content likely meets the guidelines, Marketing Metrics can review your website structure to verify you’re in compliance. Read our blog below to learn more.

Website Security


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