Industrial Content Marketing in Wisconsin That Attracts and Retains Customers

How we did it

Industrial Content Marketing

The power of content marketing to drive profitable customer action is growing. Last year’s B2B survey from the Content Marketing Institute showed 90% of top-performing B2B companies put their audience’s informational needs before the company’s sales or promotional messages. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues. A strong industrial content marketing strategy will supply prospects with the information they need to make the right decision – to do business with you.


Multiple formats to generate engagement

eBooks, infographics, and images are the leading formats in B2B content marketing. Different formats attract help you reach diverse audiences. A purchasing agent may value your e-book details, while a product developer responds to a ‘how-to’ video. Images and graphics paired with a blog post improve readability and memorability. A multimedia industrial content marketing strategy will elevate your brand’s online presence above competitors.

Blogs & e-Books

Attract and keep users coming back

For B2B companies, blogs and news updates increase awareness, build credibility, and boost search engine rankings and leads. Importantly, B2B blogs can increase a conversion rates, with companies that blog reporting a 67% increase in monthly leads. Blog posts can be highlighted on social media or through email, enticing customers to your site. A blog also provides a platform for delivering other content like e-books. An e-Book is a free or gated piece (submit email to download) of content with expanded details about a specific subject. These useful reference tools can be extensive, like a selection guide presented in a 10,000-word PDF document. Our eBook on Employment Marketing is a good example.


Social Media & Email Marketing

Presenting your brand to new prospects

Social media plays a role in the Wisconsin B2B customer journey. A recent survey from the International Data Corporation showed 75% of B2B buyers did vendor research on social media platforms. While being part of the social media conversation generates awareness, email marketing can create revenue. Why? Because email is a channel that you own. You can tailor your message, target your audience, and easily follow up with interested recipients to convert your email into a sale. Your social media and email content be easily shared and distributed, too, turning prospects into brand ambassadors for your Wisconsin company.


Why Our Clients Love Us

“Marketing Metrics Corp. developed an on-going digital marketing strategy for us that helped us to bring in new business, increase our market visibility and grow our top-line revenue.”
Dave Zimmerman
Pivot Point, Inc.