Why Metrics Should Guide Your Industrial Website Design Strategy

Posted On: July 15, 2019 by

If you own a Wisconsin manufacturing firm or B2B business in the industrial sector, it’s essential to put the proper research into the web development stage. Doing so can help determine what’s working on your site, what can be improved, and outlines what pages users are generating conversions. The right industrial website design team will also be able to collect the metrics needed to boost sales and ensure all of the information users are looking for can be easily found.

Let’s take a closer look at why metrics are essential for a winning industrial website design strategy.

Internal Search Queries

Google Analytics offers businesses a variety of tools to determine what potential clients are searching for. Such marketing metrics offer great insight into the terms users are using on your site (Equipment list, certifications, SKUs, sizes, services, technical specs) that they may be unable to find. You can also look directly at the internal searches made on your site and use these metrics to dictate your site architecture, making it easier for industrial buyers and specifiers to find what they’re looking for and increasing sales.

Paid Search Queries

If you have queries rolling in from paid ads and PPC campaigns but no clear landing pages to support them, that’s money out the window. By utilizing metrics, you can determine whether you need to create new product/service pages to support such traffic; in some cases, constructing a general industries page might also do the trick. By implementing these types of strategies at the website design phase your industrial company will quickly see a bump in qualified leads and new users.

Form, Chat & Call Data

Is your business tracking form or chat data and phone calls from potential clients? If so, you can easily utilize such metrics to build out your website. Do a bit of research: you might find suggestions for content to add, new industries to target, and additional applications to improve your website. Going in-depth and even reviewing chat and call transcripts can help you identify issues potential clients are having that can provide insight into your site’s architecture.

Heatmap Analytics

This tool enables you to determine which parts of your website are hot and which are not. By learning where people are scrolling and clicking for more data, you can improve all aspects of your overall design. This includes functionality and architecture, as well as your content marketing strategy. You can then use these results to construct a better user experience.

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