Trends in Promotional Products in the Post-COVID-19 World

With the recent pandemic slowing down and many taking greater steps to social distance and stay healthy while still going about their everyday business, there’s been a boom in the popularity of personal protective equipment (PPE). That’s why Wisconsin’s Marketing Metrics Corp. has partnered with HALO Branded Solutions to provide a breakdown and some insight into how different PPE can also be used as promotional branded products.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at how PPE helps you and some of the most common types of PPE products:

What Exactly is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? 

Like the name states, personal protective equipment (PPE) is equipment designed to help protect you from injury or the harmful spread of infection or illness. Often, this equipment will consist of a range of items, including face shields, goggles, masks, gowns, respirators, helmets, and gloves. PPE is designed to work in tandem with proper hygiene, like regular hand-washing and the use of sanitizers, to minimize the spread of infectious viruses like COVID-19.

Some of the Most Common PPE Products that can keep your employees and customers healthy 

As things begin to return to normal, some PPE products have become common accessories and, in many cases, are required to enter businesses and continue operating commercial enterprises.

Here are a few of the most popular pieces of PPE that also offer great branding and promotional opportunities for your business:

  • Medical-Grade Face-masks: Worn by health personnel, medical-grade face masks are designed to protect when coming into contact with harmful germs and bacteria. To maintain the medical-grade status, these cannot be branded.
  • Commercial Face-masks: Either single-use or reusable/washable face coverings can be branded with your logo or message. Wearing a face mask will help prevent the spread of infection and prevent the individual from contracting any airborne infectious germs. When someone coughs, talks, sneezes they could release germs into the air that may infect others nearby. Face masks are part of an infection control strategy to eliminate cross-contamination.
  • Hand Sanitizer: HALO offers a range of different hand sanitizers and dispensers that can be easily customized with your brand or business logo. Not only will having branded hand sanitizers on your property help increase safety and promote good hygiene, but it can also help share your corporate vision to customers. Additionally, creating personalized bottles of hand sanitizer and offering it free to potential clients and customers can be a great way to market your business, as it’s something they’ll use time and time again.
  • Face Shields: Wearing masks all day long can be burdensome, which is why many PPE distributors, HALO included, are offering alternatives like face shields. The best part is that they’re completely clear and don’t obscure your vision while also being fog-resistant and easily adjustable for every head size.
  • UV Sterilizers: Getting back to “business as usual” will likely mean that many more people will be using their cell phones again to make calls during work hours. This poses a problem when it comes to germs, but don’t worry, we have a solution. UV sterilizers are designed to use UV rays to eliminate bacteria on your phone and other items like key-chains, rings, watches, and money.
  • Disposable Gloves: The disposable gloves available from HALO are great for keeping protected throughout the day. For those with more hands-on jobs, these powder-free nitrile gloves are tear-resistant and designed for professional use, keeping you safe all day long.
  • Antimicrobial Pens: It’s much safer for customers and clients to have their own pen to use, which is why giving out branded antimicrobial pens is a great idea. Your company will go along with them every time they sign a check at the grocery store or need to scribble a few reminders down during the day.
  • Work-from-Home Kits: With many companies transitioning to reduced in-office personnel or adjusted operating hours, work-from-home kits can be a great gift to clients and staff, encouraging them to continue to stay healthy while working remotely. Things like a mobile device stand, headset, personalized mugs, computer screen cleaner, hand sanitizer, and other items can help showcase your business while staff and clients stay safe and social distance.

Why use Marketing Metrics Corp./HALO as your PPE supplier? 

  • At HALO, all products are thoroughly tested and manufacturers are vetted to ensure thy pass our rigorous safety standards.
  • Our size and reputation mean that we can resource products globally and negotiate the best possible pricing for our customers. We also have most PPE products in stock.
  • HALO remains fully operational around the globe. Our size and scale positions us well to adjust operational support as needed to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • HALO is focused on providing safe, compliant, and financially responsible solutions for our clients’ needs and current challenges.
  • HALO uses recognized third party testing labs and provides on-site inline factory oversight.
  • HALO’s freight and logistics team is dedicated to assuring economical and reliable delivery anywhere around the globe.
  • We view our relationship with our customers as a true partnership. We are often an extension of their creative, marketing, procurement or HR teams and work tirelessly to bring their brands to life. These partnerships are not transactional, they are relationship based and deep.

Contact Marketing Metrics Corp. for more Branded PPE Products!  

Want to ensure staff and clients stay safe and healthy while still promoting your brand? If so, the team from Marketing Metrics Corp. can help. By teaming up with HALO, one of the largest promotional product distributors in the United States, we make it easy for you to find the best PPE products for your business.

As a HALO sales representative, Marketing Metrics Corp. has all the integrated marketing solutions and sales expertise to help you come up with eye-catching, costed effective branded PPE products. Additionally, we’re able to deliver global product sourcing and distribution services, as well as online marketing solutions and support.

Marketing Metrics Corp. prides itself on offering comprehensive branding and promotional solutions that are sustainable in the long term, giving our clients the tools they need to kick off incentive programs and other campaigns, while also offering designs and creation services, warehousing solutions, and more.

With an extensive background in sales and technology, Marketing Metrics Corp. is particularly poised to provide comprehensive marketing insight and services designed to help clients in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. We offer digital marketing solutions, SEO and PPC advertising services, web design and development,video marketing, and e-commerce services.

To shop online for PPE products click here.  To learn more about the additional marketing services we offer, contact Marketing Metrics Corp. online today or call (262) 691-9229.

Optimizing for Google’s Featured Snippets: Get to SERP Position Zero for Your Site

Ranking number one used to be the best way to get the most clicks when it comes to Google’s search rankings. But nowadays, that’s no longer the case. Although being in the first position in Google’s search-engine-results-page (SERP) rankings still provides a lot of organic traffic (around 30 percent for given searches) it’s no longer the prime spot.

These days, to get the most traffic, you’ll want to get your SERP results to position zero and the best way to do so is optimizing content for featured snippets. Although the featured snippets section of Google has been around for years, it recently became one of the biggest tools for improving SERP rankings.

The team from Marketing Metrics Corp. has helped hundreds rise in the rankings with their SEO services, which is why we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at how featured snippets affect SERP rankings and the tools at your disposal to reach the best position possible, position zero!

What Exactly is a Featured Snippet?  

Before diving into all the details, it’s important to first have a clear idea of precisely what Google means by a “featured snippet.” In the simplest of terms, a featured snippet is a direct answer to a search query that appears at the very top of the results page, above even the organic search results on Google’s SERP page. It can be in a number of different, easy-to-read formats, like a bulleted list, concise paragraphs, charts, tables, graphs, and more.

The reason why featured snippets are now more important than ever is because they occupy a large space on Google’s SERP pages, right front and center. Lower-ranking websites have a great opportunity to boost their rankings by optimizing their site for featured snippets.

How to Create a Featured Snippet 

When it comes to having your very own featured snippet at the top of the SERP page, there are a few different ways to do so, all of which require tailoring and optimizing content for the best results.

Some of the best ways include:

  • Choosing a Target Page: With snippets, it’s best to focus on a page you want to target to make it to position zero. One of the best ways to do so is by choosing a page that already ranks within the top five Google organic search results and optimizing it for feature snippets; you’ll have better chances this way. Additionally, pages with higher engagement numbers are more likely candidates as well.
  • Choose a Relevant Query with High Search Volume: Selecting a query that is in-line with your business and the customers you serve is essential for creating a featured snippet. Figure out the most common questions customers are asking and the ones you can answer the best. Start by entering a basic search query related to your business in Google and refer to the “People Ask” section to get a better idea of which questions resonate most directly with your audience.
  • Create “Snippable” Content: Once you’ve outlined some targeted queries, the next step is creating content that Google can easily turn into a featured snippet. Be sure whatever you choose is clear and easy to read, fits organically on your targeted webpage, and contains a brief headline with your SEO search terms. For those who’ve created a bulleted or numbered list, be sure to say so in an intro paragraph so Google knows a list it can feature as a snippet follows.
  • Answer Related Questions: Answering related targeted questions on the same page can drastically increase your chances of being featured. If Google selects one of your answers on the page to feature, the other related answers on the same page have much more of a chance of being featured as well.
  • Utilize Proper Formatting: Another important aspect of creating quality content for featured snippets is by ensuring you use formatting that Google will recognize. Some things to remember: always include H2, and H3 tags, and use normal text or list text tags respectively. Additionally, order your content with a headline first, then the text, and then a list to achieve the best possible results. Lastly, including an appropriately titled image, table, or graph to go along with the text info is another great way to rise to position zero.

Performing some research on sites like Reddit, Quora, and other Q&A sites is also a great way to get an idea of what type of content Google likes to feature. Search for questions related to your industry or business and see what comes up and how they look. You’ll also be able to see the questions people have already asked about that topic and which ones are missing; the missing ones are the ones you should try and answer.

Optimizing Your Website for SEO  

Since Google only features snippets from the top five organic ranking search pages, having a solid SEO strategy is extremely important. Before diving into creating a featured snippet strategy, ensure that your targeted pages are up to date with the right industry-specific keywords, links, and unique content to ensure they make it to the top five.

Contact us today for SEO services!  

Are you in need of comprehensive SEO services from a digital marketing expert? If so, Marketing Metrics Corp. would love to hear from you. With more than 55 years of collective marketing experience, we have a unique ability to leverage sales, marketing, and technology to help our clients achieve success.

In addition to our SEO services, our team is also equipped to provide PPC and display advertising solutions, website design services, video marketing solutions, and more. We specialize in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, offering our clients the best tools available to keep ahead of the competition.

For those interested in developing a strategy that will help generate leads and returns, and increase their bottom line, contact us online today. You can also call (262) 691-9229 to speak to one of our experts.


How Does eCommerce Increase the Sale of Custom Products and Large Orders?

In recent years, B2B buyers and specifiers have turned to eCommerce as the fastest and most convenient method of making a large or custom purchases. Custom product manufacturers and industrial distributors that have not yet invested in professional eCommerce website design are beginning to struggle as the B2B online shopping market continues to expand. This form of commerce is especially useful to businesses that specialize in custom offerings and large orders for numerous reasons, allowing them to sell products and reach out to customers more efficiently.

At Marketing Metrics Corp., our team has designed and implemented stunning eCommerce websites for a variety of custom product manufacturers and industrial distributors. Our clients have seen a consistent increase in sales across all of our past website implementations. Here we will explain the positive effects that eCommerce websites have on the sale of large and custom orders.

Reasons Why eCommerce Websites Encourage Custom and Large Orders

Improved engagement with prospects and customers
One of the key reasons why eCommerce websites tend to increase overall sales is because of an improvement in customer engagement. Not only can a larger number of interested prospect and customers access your product offerings 24/7 online, but they can purchase a product online, testing it for fit, form and function and then later interact with your tradition sales channels to get a quote on a large order.  An eCommerce client of ours received a 7-figure order that began as an initial $35 eCommerce purchase.

Business owners can also learn more about their prospects or customers as they provide their contact information when they buy your products online.  By learning more about the customer’s needs and gaining feedback from a larger audience, business owners can adjust their offerings accordingly in order to sell more products. Through online communication, it is also much easier for businesses to present customers with their options for customization in an organized online catalogue, while maintaining an open line of communication throughout the customization process. Through additional marketing tactics such as email marketing you can turn into a long-time customer.

Increased visibility on the search engines

A major benefit of selling products online is the ability to improve you search engine rankings for your stock and custom products. Individual products such as a t-handle-ball-lock-pins or a heavy duty power burr brush will take advantage of various algorithms in order to be sound online and increase website traffic and leads. At Marketing Metrics Corp. we offer a wide range of marketing opportunities in addition to our eCommerce website design services in Wisconsin. One of our most popular services is search engine optimization (SEO), which helps eCommerce websites by improving their online search ranking. Fortunately, the more specific the demographic is for a given organization, the more possibilities there are to target the market with distinct keywords. Businesses will be far more accessible to customers searching for specific custom goods and unusually large orders if SEO practices are deployed.

Cooperation between OEM’s and channel partners

It is far easier today for OEM’s to work with various channel partners such as distributors by providing product data to assist them in their eCommerce efforts. Having an online presence goes far beyond an impressive eCommerce website design, as OEM’s have many options to expand their reach by marketing to new customers through a myriad of online marketing tools.

Increased brand awareness

By offering customers an eCommerce option for making purchases, BTB buyers and specifiers can view individual products at any time and gain a better understanding of your products and brand. Organizations can also promote specific products and offer online promotions through various social media platforms. Our Wisconsin eCommerce website design team at Marketing Metrics Corp. understands the importance of presenting a consistent brand appearance across all online platforms and promotional products. For those dealing with large orders and custom products, it is even more important to increase brand awareness in order for shoppers to gain confidence in your products.

Gaining a competitive edge in the manufacturing market

The majority of mid-sized manufacturing companies do not have a distinct online presence. Manufacturers often rely on distributors and wholesalers to seek out their production services, when in reality, there are many competitors that advertise their services and offer their products online. By developing a presence and positive reputation online, distributors will be far more likely to turn to OEM’s to be an authorized distributor. Marketing Metrics Corp. specializes in manufacturing marketing, which in combination with sleek website design, could be the key to increasing business.

Compatibility with mobile devices

Whether you sell stock or custom fasteners, brushes, or electronic products, prospective customers should be able to view your products from any location or device. This is extremely useful for custom products that may require the buyer to envision their order in a particular location in order to properly customize it. By hiring a professional to design and develop your eCommerce website, you will be able to take advantage of a variety of convenient features such as compatibility with mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

Overall, a professional eCommerce website design has the potential to drastically expand the brand awareness and marketing reach of any manufacturing or distribution business and in turn, results in an incredible return in sales. Organizations can take advantage of the range of sales and marketing opportunities by creating an online presence that incorporates SEO, social media, and video marketing. Custom products and large orders face a number of challenges in gaining the confidence of prospective buyers and displaying their product customization options. These challenges can all be overcome with the help of a professional website designer.

Let us help you gain an edge with innovative eCommerce solutions!

At Marketing Metrics Corp., we offer a wide range of website design, consulting, and marketing services that will take your business to the next level by helping you establish a recognizable online presence. From custom products to large-scale orders, our combined 55 years of experience in the field will give you a major advantage against the competition no matter what industry you’re in. Contact us today to learn more about our top-rated services!

Lead Scoring: Qualified Leads Are Delivered to Sales At the Optimum Stage of the Buyer Journey

In recent years, lead scoring has become a common sales & marketing tactic used by digital marketing professionals across a wide range of industries including manufacturing and industrial businesses along with many others. So what exactly is lead scoring? Lead scoring is a marketing technique that allows businesses to rank prospective customers based on several factors that indicate the individual’s likelihood to become a paying customer. Such tactics allow sales & marketing teams to cooperate and prioritize the qualified leads that have the potential to turn into sales.

Our experienced team at Marketing Metrics Corp. has helped numerous Wisconsin businesses create lucrative lead generation strategies that have significantly improved collaboration and efficiency among marketing & sales teams. Lead scoring is one of the many sales & marketing tactics that we employ across manufacturing, industrial and other organizations in order to generate high-quality leads. Continue reading to learn how lead scoring can help improve your business practices.

The Benefits of Lead Scoring

  • Generate revenue and lower costs

Lead scoring allows organizations to invest time and resources only into the leads that are likely to turn into a sale. When a marketing team is able to provide their sales team with qualified leads using a scientific approach, members of the sales team are able to avoid wasting time pursuing leads with minimal interest in the company’s offerings. Ultimately, this results in a higher concentration of sales on a daily basis and can be done at a low cost by simply collecting, analyzing, and organizing available data.

  • Lead scoring can be applied to other buying stages

There is a misconception that the positive effects of lead scoring stop once a qualified lead has been pursued. Using this careful approach, organizations can continue to score existing accounts, content marketing tactics, search engine optimization, and other stages of the buying process. Analyzing the buyer’s journey from beginning to end and developing a suitable algorithm will lead to a much more consistent and predictable influx of new clients and revenue.

  • Better collaboration between sales and marketing teams

In any business, there is nothing more important than proper collaboration between employees. Unfortunately, sales and marketing professionals tend to clash when they do not have an effective system for generating leads. If a marketing team passes along a large number of leads with minimal information regarding their potential to turn into sales, it can lead to many wasted phone calls and an overwhelming amount of information for a sales team to decipher. Lead scoring makes it easier for sales and marketing professionals to support each other and maintain a high level of productivity in the workplace.

  • Improved performance evaluation

It can be difficult for large organizations to monitor the performance of individual employees; especially when there are separate marketing and sales teams working towards a common goal. By implementing a lead scoring system, business owners can assume that their sales team is regularly receiving highly qualified leads from their marketing team by collecting information via social media, video marketing, and other marketing tactics. This makes it far easier to evaluate the performance of individual members of staff, and ensure that each of your employees are producing expected numbers in sales.

  • Increased accuracy of revenue forecasts

Whether you are looking to improve industrial, employment or manufacturing sales & marketing tactics, it is essential to produce accurate revenue forecasts in order to gain control over the future of your organization. Through lead scoring, business owners can predict the number of sales that will be produced with various marketing campaigns and better evaluate the ability of their sales team to pursue qualified leads. This careful analysis of the buyer’s journey will allow businesses to continue fine-tuning their sales and marketing tactics over time, creating further accuracy in future revenue forecasts.

How to Find Qualified Leads Through Lead Scoring

  • Combine explicit and implicit scoring

Proper lead scoring works towards both explicit and implicit scoring. Explicit scoring is the process of determining whether your leads align with the demographic that your business is geared towards. Factors may include the individual’s job title or a company’s overall revenue. Additionally, implicit scoring is how marketing specialists determine the amount of interest these people are showing in the company’s offerings. This is largely related to the individual’s behavior which may include frequent visits to a website or a high level of engagement with social media posts. For a lead to truly qualify as a potential client, it is important to create a system that combines these two goals.

  • Use B.A.N.T. as a guideline

The B.A.N.T. acronym stands for budget, authority, need, and timeline for purchase. While marketing professionals should gather as much information as possible through social media, case studies, and other means, B.A.N.T. is a great starting point for organizations that are new to lead scoring.

  • Simplify your scoring process with visuals

For a lead scoring system to work and generate qualified leads as frequently as possible, it is important for marketing professionals to use a simple process of analysis. Once you have determined the most relevant criteria for evaluating explicit and implicit scores, a simple way to analyze leads is by creating easy-to-follow charts where employees can insert the information they have gathered from each lead.

Marketing Metrics Corp.

Are you ready to take control of your business and expand your client base? Lead scoring is an excellent way to do this, and with the expertise of our team at Marketing Metrics Corp., we are here to help you take your organization to the next level.

With a specialization in employment, industrial, and manufacturing sales & marketing tactics, our team has a combined 55 years of experience analyzing the buyer journey and determining the best marketing practices depending on the organization. Our lead generation service is geared towards identifying buyer personas, setting clear objectives, analyzing the competition, along with several other key factors. Contact us online today or call us directly at (262) 691-9229 to learn more about our top-rated services!

Boost Conversions with Effective eCommerce Landing Pages

Are you struggling to find an effective landing page design for your eCommerce website? Landing pages play an important role in the consumer experience, offering relevant information in a concise and easy-to-follow manner. eCommerce website design experts like our Wisconsin based team at Marketing Metrics Corp. understand the importance of applying various marketing techniques to each landing page on a website in order to boost overall sales. With a few strategic marketing practices in mind, business owners can implement engaging landing pages that command the viewer’s attention and increase conversions.

With a combined 55 years of marketing experience, we have guided countless business owners in creating effective landing pages through website design techniques that have the power to significantly boost conversions. Here we have highlighted a few key website design practices that will help you optimize the landing pages on your eCommerce website.

eCommerce Landing Page Practices That Boost Conversions

  • Guide your viewers with clear headlines

When designing a website, it is essential to make your landing pages easy to navigate so that the consumer can find the information they’re looking for with minimal effort. Clear headlines are a great way to let your customers know they are in the right place and prevent them from losing interest in your offerings. Website designers should assume that customers are visiting each landing page independently without having first visited the home page. This will allow developers to position headlines and logos accordingly so that the viewer feels engaged with the brand.

  • Brand your landing pages

As previously mentioned, consumers could be directed to your landing pages from a variety of different web locations. For this reason, it is equally as important to create landing pages that are representative of your brand as it is to design an effective home page. This can be done by clearly placing your logo on each landing page and implementing a consistent tone, style, color, and font throughout all of the written content on your website. Your brand should be easily recognizable across all of your web pages, advertisements, and social media platforms.

  • Use images to describe your offerings

Landing pages that feature large blocks of text with minimal imagery can be dull and disengaging. By using simple images to supplement long product descriptions, viewers will be far more likely to look into your offerings and make a purchase. Visuals can also bring your offerings to life and contribute to a consistent brand image. At Marketing Metrics Corp. we specialize in video marketing, which can be an effective addition to the text and images on your landing pages.

  • Strategically place call-to-action lines

While call-to-action lines are easy enough to implement into landing pages, many website designers do not understand the importance of placing their CTA lines strategically. Visitors to your website should be able to briefly learn about your offerings before being presented with a CTA, however, if it is placed under a large bulk of text and visuals, it may be difficult to keep customers engaged long enough for them to seek out your offerings. CTA lines and buttons should stand out against other web content and be accessible even to those who rapidly skim through your landing pages. This can be done by using bright colors and large buttons surrounded by distinct borders.

  • Use certifications and testimonials to build trust

One of the most effective ways to boost conversions through eCommerce website design is to prove your quality and reliability to the customer on every page of your website. Customers should be informed of a secure payment process, along with any relevant certifications or seals of authenticity. We also recommend featuring customer testimonials on each webpage to showcase the quality of your products or services. With so many options for eCommerce websites, visitors are far more likely to purchase on a website that appears to hold a high standard for security and authenticity.

  • Space text and imagery out across the page

A crowded landing page can be overwhelming for website visitors. By organizing your text into concise paragraphs and spacing them out between relevant images or videos, your website will be much easier to follow and far more inviting for potential customers. Spacing your web content out will also make it easier for viewers to revisit specific pieces of information on the page without skimming through a large block of copy. eCommerce website designers should avoid filling all whitespace with flashy images and advertisements and allow their offerings to take center stage.

  • Keep form fields to a minimum

Long-form fields can be irritating for new website visitors. If you wish to implement a form field into your eCommerce website, make the process quick and easy for the customer by requesting no more than two or three pieces of information. An email address is often all the information you need to boost conversions and keep the customer engaged once they have left your website. Form fields that take more than a few seconds to fill out can often drive potential customers away from your website.

Allow us to help you boost conversions on your eCommerce website with our excellent website design and development services in Wisconsin!

If you are looking to create a thriving eCommerce business, Marketing Metrics Corp. offers a variety of exciting digital marketing services that are proven to significantly increase conversions. Our eCommerce marketing service focuses on helping businesses develop an optimized online catalog, streamlining the online checkout experience, as well as integrating Enterprise Resource Planning, which prevents technical errors during transactions. Additional services include content marketing, SEO services, PPC display, lead generation, and much more!

Marketing Metrics Can Help

Our team has decades of experience specializing in industrial, employment, and manufacturing marketing as well as branding, consulting and website security in Wisconsin, and we are dedicated to helping businesses find success with our diverse range of marketing solutions. For more information on our services, contact us today through our online form or call us at (262) 691-9229!

Accelerate Sales Revenue in the Face of COVID-19—It’s Entirely Possible! Top 5 Marketing and Sales Tactics to Attract New Customers

In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the last few weeks have seen extreme chaos, fear, confusion, and massive disruption of life and business all over the world. Although every pair of eyes is tracking how soon we will ‘flatten the curve’, the last few days have brought a glimmer of hope. Politicians, economists, and even healthcare experts have started noticing a light at the end of the tunnel. Discussions have started at the federal, state, as well as county levels about how to strategically reopen the economy in a staggered and safe manner.

Some of you may have been “open for business” throughout this time. You may even be running beyond full capacity to support your end users in critical industries, such as medical, pharmaceutical, defense and food production. However, for the vast majority of you, the situation may be somewhat like this:

  • Your front office teams are working remotely to comply with CDC and government guidelines but lack direction or motivation in an entirely virtual setup.
  • Your business does not have a structured eCommerce platform, or a sleek website with adequate information and content.
  • Current sales are cut by at least half, some customers are having difficulty making payments and your supply chain is unsteady at best. In addition, your sales forecasts for 2020 just became obsolete as new sales prospecting opportunities seem scarce. Yet, there is an urgent need to generate revenue and keep the business afloat.

The complete absence of in-person meetings, business travel, and trade shows or other avenues may have compelled you to question future revenues and the financial health of your business. But the good news is that it is entirely possible to re-calibrate your strategies and accelerate revenues, even in the current situation. Here are some sales and marketing tactics to jump start your sales process, until we return to business as usual, and beyond.

  1. SEO, social media and PPC. As the most important component for lead generation, don’t underestimate the power of targeting. Be on top of where your prospects are, what they do, what they are saying, watching or surfing, and what problems they are experiencing. In the absence of trade shows or face-to-face selling, consider using SEO, Social Media and PPC in tandem, to create an effective digital strategy that supports your sales teams. In fact, you can implement a new PPC campaign in as little as 24 hours to give a quick jump to your sales leads program.
  1. CRM and marketing automation: As you press the pedal on your marketing efforts, you will need a robust automated platform that integrates with your CRM, and boosts the performance of your sales team. With better “sales-ready” leads and a clear, real-time view of the sales funnel, your sales personnel (working remotely) could further reduce the lead conversion time and effort.
  1. Strong corporate website: While focusing on the digital marketing strategy, don’t forget to beef up your company website with adequate, relevant, and up-to-date content and functionalities.
    • Whether it is about enhancing the user experience, creating brand awareness, improving customer service, or attracting and converting prospects, add or refresh content to build an informative and effective website.
    • If you are a product distributor or manufacturer, don’t miss out on the huge potential of eCommerce. A sleek website and an online store with user-friendly features will dramatically expand your revenue generating capacity.
  1. Multi-format, multi-channel content marketing: Improve and track conversions by maximizing different content formats (written, graphical and video) through a host of different channels.
    • Direct mail and email marketing: Go all out on your BOGO offers, loyalty and reward points, or discounted deals by pairing your online display advertising with a series of direct mails. Depending on the nature of your business, try email marketing through relevant publications. For example, for OEM companies, Machine Design or Design World are relevant options. With blogs, case studies, success stories, or other articles, you can reach out to their vast network of subscribers, track website traffic and related RFQs, and even calculate ROI.
    • Content syndication: Use content syndication to publish gated content, such as whitepapers on a network of over 15,000 web properties. With options to define your ideal prospects and pay only for leads that match your target market, this is an efficient and economical solution to further your lead generation efforts.
    • Sourcing through Subscriptions: Get access to a sales prospecting databases such as a Dun & Bradstreet Hoovers . Acquire insightful data and information about target businesses and create more meaningful engagement on the direct marketing and direct sales front. Do you also want to target growth industries or companies – say manufacturers of medical or exercise equipment? D&B has contact names, titles and email addresses for over 34,000 companies in these two growing vertical markets.
    • Targeted Prospecting: Use channels such as LinkedIn for prospecting at very specific levels of industries, geographies, and other demographic factors. Besides targeted ad campaigns, LinkedIn offers powerful features, including visitor tracking and personalized invitation and messages that have a better open rate than ordinary emails.
    • Video marketing: The current lock-downs, shelter-in-place orders, and shuttering of businesses has led to an exponential use of video for daily meetings and huddles, as well as customer service and prospecting. This is the time to cleverly incorporate video marketing into your overall sales strategy. Conduct product demos, service offerings, or digital events and webinars to address queries or promote your products, all by harnessing the power of video. Tools, such as Go To Meeting, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. offer different functionalities in this context. The latest YouTube’s Video Builder is an excellent, free DIY tool, for creating simple videos that convey key messages to your clients and prospects.
  1. The ‘winning mindset’: The corona virus crisis may have temporarily affected your growth and revenues. However, with the right tools and approach, it could bring out the best in your organization’s talent and strategic capabilities:
    • At a leadership level, take detailed stock of your entire pipeline. Sort your products on the basis of ‘likely demand surge’, ‘stable orders’, and ‘uncertain’. This will help you build revised revenue potential scenarios and focus your sales and marketing efforts on the right portfolios.
    • Create a versatile and agile command center for providing clear guidelines, gathering real-time intelligence, rapidly redeploying resources or marketing efforts, and promoting speedy decision making. In the long run, when business-as-usual resumes, this win room could test new offers, increase renewals or cross-sale, and lead other such initiatives for enhancing the speed and agility of revenue generation.
    • There is no such thing as over-communication during the current crisis. Boost the morale of your sales and marketing teams by prioritizing internal communication and increasing the daily virtual touch points. Balance them carefully so that your teams still have sufficient time to multitask or focus on their core jobs. Train them for effective sales and customer service in a virtual environment and equip them with adequate collateral’s. Wherever finances allow, continue your leader-boards, incentives, spiffs (immediate cash bonus for a sale), or other motivational tactics for promoting lead generation and conversions.

COVID-19 may have swept your business into uncharted territories. However, many companies are thinking that we will have a so-called V-shaped recovery – a sharp slowdown and then a quick economic recovery. Once you are in the ‘win sales’ mindset, it will be easy to think of a speedy recovery. Invest in new remote selling tools, sharpen or re-purpose your existing resources, go all out on internal collaboration efforts, and use innovative marketing techniques to refocus on lead generation. If you need help in staying the course or executing some of these tactics, contact Marketing Metrics Corp.

Reference sources:

4 Reasons Why Manufacturers Use Video Marketing

video marketing

Have you been trying to take your Wisconsin manufacturing firm to the next level? Perhaps you’ve invested in targeted marketing campaigns in the past that haven’t had the success you had hoped. No matter what your motivations are, video marketing is a fantastic way to showcase your company’s goods and services, connect with potential customers, and highlight the benefits of your brand. One of the best ways to implement a successful video marketing campaign is to invest in a reliable Wisconsin video marketing service, like the team from Marketing Metrics Corp.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients improve their bottom line by leading targeted video marketing campaigns that truly resonate with audience members. The right video marketing strategy can go a long way, so let’s take a look at some of the reasons manufacturers use it as a tool.

  1. Videos Are Easy to Share

Are you looking for quality shareable content that will easily generate a buzz? Videos are incredibly easy to share and can generate big returns if shared in the right places. On sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, videos consistently generate higher rankings and more visibility than updates and text-based messages. This is because it’s much easier for users on social media to digest images rather than text, making videos a fantastic marketing tool.  Not to mention that Google owns YouTube.

Another advantage of creating unique videos that highlight your products and services is that your followers will share them, generating interest in your brand. This can lead to a boost in qualified leads and new prospects. Video marketing is a great way to organically increase brand awareness, as well as build trust among consumers and industry influencers. You can share new information about your business, highlight different products and pain points, and also answer questions about your company.

  1. Industrial & B2B Buyers are Watching Videos

Nowadays, videos are everywhere, especially in the B2B sector. Companies all around the world are using video marketing as a tool to connect with potential and current customers – especially due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. This means that if you’re not doing some form of it yourself, you run the risk of being seen as behind the times or as a company that doesn’t keep up with current market trends. In many cases, studies have shown that users prefer watching a video about a product rather than reading about it. It’s not surprising, with today’s reliance on mobile devices, that video marketing has become such an invaluable tool.

According to Hubspot’s most recent report, approximately 85% of all businesses employ video marketing tactics. This number is expected to rise in the years ahead as consumers continue to rely on videos to learn about new brands and products. Even a short, two-minute video can provide a great return on investment, resulting in increased site traffic, leads, sales, and enhanced understanding about your brand.

Sharing videos that educate customers about processes, products, your company, and other insightful things is one of the best ways to demonstrate to them that your company is committed to remaining on the cutting-edge of consumer technology.

  1. Videos are Highly Effective at Increasing Sales

Ultimately, every marketing campaign has one goal in mind: to bring in new business, right? Well, video marketing is no different. However, unlike other tools, it can have far-reaching effects for generating new sales. Videos enable you to connect with your audience members on a more personal level, giving them an idea of how your business works as a team. They’ll be able to get a better sense of your company’s personality, which in turn builds consumer trust that will eventually result in them choosing your company over competitors.

Videos can also be easily tailored to suit a variety of needs and purposes, strategically reaching out to customers at different stages of their buying journey, from the beginning to the end of the funnel. Another great thing is that your sales team can easily check to see who watched a particular video, the time of day a particular video had the most views, the geographic location of viewers, and other key data to help track down qualified leads.

Some examples of videos that cater to different stages in the sales funnel include:

  • The How-To Video: Sometimes, explaining how to use a product or perform a process/service is simply too complicated to do with a simple text or tutorial; that’s where videos come into play. A how-to video is a perfect way to show your audience how they’ll benefit from a particular product, troubleshoot common issues, or go over the more technical aspects of industry-specific products and services.
  • The Explainer Video: This type of video helps your audience get to know you a little better, by explaining precisely what you do and highlighting aspects of your brand and services. They’re also a great way to demonstrate how your brand can help solve their problems; how your particular product will make their lives easier.
  • The Demo Video: These videos are similar to how-to videos but go much more in-depth, explaining and demonstrating more complicated aspects of a product. This is a particularly useful type for B2B businesses and those in the manufacturing sector who might offer more industry-specific products and services. These are also the videos that audience members are most likely to share.
  1. Your Competitors Already Offer Video Content

As mentioned above, video marketing has become a sort of standard in this day and age, so if you want to keep up with the competition it’s important to follow suit. Without a video component as a part of your content marketing campaign, you could be losing out on valuable leads as customers go elsewhere to get what they need. For example, those in the manufacturing B2B sector can post videos on their or Google My Business profile page that can easily result in thousands of views from qualified customers.

Let us help you share your brand with innovative video marketing in Wisconsin!

Do you want to take your company to the next level? If you want to keep up with the competition in the manufacturing industry, one of the best ways to do so is to have a great digital marketing plan. In addition to our video marketing solutions, we also offer a variety of different internet marketing services in Wisconsin, like SEO, PPC, website design and development services, and more.

With over 55 years of combined marketing experience in the industrial and manufacturing sector, Marketing Metrics Corp. can provide your B2B business with the tools and insight to excel. For more information about what we do, contact us online today or call (262) 691-9229.

Sales & Marketing Alignment for Manufacturers

Sales & Marketing

For those in the industrial or manufacturing sectors, aligning your company’s sales and marketing arms can be a great way to remain competitive and generate great returns. However, this can often be easier said than done, especially for companies that have been doing business in a particular way for decades.

Ultimately, both the sales and marketing department are trying to accomplish the same exact thing: generating more sales leads and revenue for your company. So why not have them work together to reach that common goal? Doing so will help ensure your staff is working efficiently and making all the right decisions.

Companies with aligned sales and marketing departments will generate more leads and higher returns than other traditionally-aligned businesses because of an aligned skill set. A combined marketing/sales team will always be able to offer better post-purchase communication with clients, a quality one-on-one experience, and targeted content.

As one of today’s leading sales and marketing consulting firms, Marketing Metrics Corp. has helped hundreds take their manufacturing firms to the next level. So, let’s take a look at exactly what aligning sales and marketing looks like!

Your Ideal Customer is Identified & Clearly Defined

One of the biggest problems for many in the manufacturing industry is determining the right customer mix in terms of profitability and growth potential. A diversified custom base helps in minimizing the financial impact during a major economic downturn. Ultimately, we need to find the individuals (influencers and decision makers) that are most likely to use their company’s goods and services. Unfortunately, any misconceptions in this area or miscommunication between departments will inevitably cost you money. Unqualified leads are often ignored by sales or difficult to pursue, which is why communicating across all channels and settling upon a clearly defined target market and buyer persona is essential.

A great marketing/sales team will have no doubts about who exactly they are trying to reach.For industrial companies, performing research into the types of buyers searching for your products and services, as well as competitors who have similar offerings is a great way to lay the groundwork in determining your ideal customer.

We’ve successfully utilized Dun & Bradstreet to analyze clients databases, clean them up and find new prospective clients to actively pursue.

Sharing High-Level Goals Between Departments

Like we’ve already mentioned above, both the marketing and sales department are trying to generate new business and qualified leads. Ideally, working together is a great way to increase high-margin sales. But when doing so, both departments need to support each other; the marketing department by producing the right qualified leads necessary for new business and the sales department for shoring up those leads and turning them into a real profit.

The marketing team will drum up the right clientele through innovative content creation and other tactics, such as search engine optimization (SEO) services, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and targeted social media campaigns. Then, once the potential customers have made it through the funnel, it’s the sales department’s turn to that lead into a customer.

Consistent Branding & Messaging

Do you think you’d get exactly the same answer if you asked every member of your sales team and marketing department to describe your brand, your clients, potential paint points with buyers, and what exactly you offer and to whom? If your answer is no, then there’s a big problem. Since all members of your marketing and sales teams will be communicating with clients either directly or through targeted campaigns, it’s essential to have consistent branding and messaging across the board.

By coordinating efforts between your marketing and sales departments, you’ll be able to make certain that advertising and promotional materials, your website, the print materials you give to clients, and all other channels offer clear and consistent messaging.

Clear Responsibilities

Having the responsibilities of every team member in your company clearly defined is important to ensure work is being done efficiently, especially when it comes to sales and marketing. Although the marketing team is generally responsible for attracting interest and the sales team for turning that interest into a dialogue, lead or purchase, there can be some gray areas and overlaps.

Outlining responsibilities and aligning your marketing and sales team will ensure that:

  • There’s no confusion as to what criteria are used to qualify leads.
  • Everyone knows who approaches newly-generated leads and how.
  • There’s a clear understanding as to what type of KPIs will be used to measure success.
  • There’s no confusion as to who is responsible for the development of sales-qualified leads.

Create a Dialogue Between Departments

Aligning your marketing and sales teams also means providing them with the right tools to help them easily communicate between departments. One of the best ways to do so is by investing in technology that enables team members to share key insight and data about leads, feedback, and opportunities for growth. Investing in a platform that enables employees to communicate such insight across channels is often the best way to do this.

In addition to the above, scheduling regular meetings and touch points for sales/marketing is also key. A good meeting agenda should look something like this:

  • Reviewing & Discussing New Leads: Consider all of the leads generated in the past several weeks or months. Do they all align with your key consumer personas? How are these leads being engaged? Are there any obstacles to overcome on the sales or marketing side?
  • Reviewing & Discussing Open & Closed Opportunities: Now is the time to take a look at everything that’s in front of your marketing/sales team. Take a look at how much newrevenue sales generated. Did they meet your expectations? Have you lost any sales opportunities due to paint points or competitors?
  • Discussing & Adjusting Priorities: After touching on some of the points previously mentioned, it’s time to take a look at the approach of your combined sales/marketing strategy. Are there any pressing matters that need to be addressed? What does the next month hold for both teams?
  • Assigning Responsibilities: This gives your teams a chance to assign clear goals, objectives, responsibilities, and outline marketing plans to put them into action. How will each department assist each other and provide support to one another over the coming months? What goals need to be accomplished before the next meeting?

Let Marketing Metrics Corp. help you align your sales & marketing tactics!

Do you need to generate more sales leads and revenue? The team from Marketing Metrics Corp. can help by providing key insight, as well as a variety of proven lead generation tactics. We can work in tandem with your sales team to drum up new qualified leads and help your manufacturing business grow.

With more than 55 combined years of marketing and sales experience in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, our team takes a unique approach that helps you increase your bottom line. Through the use of innovative technology, proven marketing strategies, and other solutions, we’ll help you stay ahead of the competition.

For more information about how Marketing Metrics Corp. can benefit your business, contact us online today or call (262) 691-9229.


How To Include Promotional Products During A Webinar, Digital Event Or Virtual Trade Show


Physical events like seminars, user conferences, training conferences, town halls and trade shows have been cancelled to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. News reports say that trade show cancellations, rescheduling of events and work-from-home requirements is causing business revenues and profits to plummet globally.  In the absence of opportunities to meet with new and existing customers through the physical events, marketing and sales executives and event planners are under immense pressure to find new ways to stay connected.  Reality has set in and now we have a challenge that we need to overcome.  What happens when you lose your audience and can’t get anyone to come to your physical event?   Can you still have an event strategy? The answer is “yes” but you need to change physical events to digital events.

What is the process for including promotional products during a Webinar, Digital Event or Virtual Trade Show?

You can still offer promotional products and apparel during and after digital events.

  • Pre-event planning: The pre-digital event planning process is exactly the same as a physical event such as discussing the type of event (seminar/roadshow, user conference, trade show, training conference, partner summit, town hall or internal event), event goals, target market, number of attendees, budget, timeline, etc.
  • Promotional item(s): Based on our pre-event planning session, we will recommend the perfect promotional products for your target market.  The promotional item(s) will be purchased by you, the “event” host, and will be decorated with your logo/brand information.
  • Digital Store: We will create a digital order form showcasing your branded apparel or promotional products. If you choose to offer branded apparel, the attendee will be able order exact sizes, colors and even personalize it with their name.During the checkout process, they will add their shipping information.

Below is an example of an online order form

  • Free swag: Once a client/prospect has “attended” your event, they can click on the “thank you for attending” link and will be directed to your “thank you” store/order form.  You can offer everyone the same gift and simply have them fill out the info sheet or you can allow them to choose from two or more items.
  • Close Date:On a predetermined “close date”such as two weeks after the event, the store is closed and a comprehensive spreadsheet will be sent to you with all of the attendees’ contact, order and shipping info.
  • Shipping options:The items will be bulk shipped to you for distribution to all of the event attendees. We recommend that the event host does this so they can track “attendees” and if anything is returned it goes back to the event host. However, for a minimal handling and shipping fee, the promotional items can be shipped directly to the attendee.

What are the benefits for including promotional products during and after a digital event?

Like a properly designed physical event, a properly designed and produced digital event creates a positive user experience, helps communicate your brand and convinces participants to become customers. You can still have a great “experience” (connected, human, engaging) with a digital event.  Ways to make it more engaging: Social media, Q&A with polls, free swag, great content, special handouts, CTA’s integrated into webinar.

About Marketing Metrics Corp and HALO Branded Solutions

Marketing Metrics Corp. teamed up with HALO Branded Solutions, one of the largest promotional products distributors in the U.S.  HALO Branded Solutions has been an industry leader for over six decades by combining award-winning creativity, world-class customer service, and a guarantee of complete satisfaction.  As a HALO sales representative, we provide expertise in integrated marketing solutions that feature creative and cost-effective dimensional marketing products.

We deliver global product sourcing and distribution, online and traditional marketing support, company stores and incentive programs, art services and design creation and warehousing and fulfillment services — all with exceptional speed to help drive the hectic pace of your promotional efforts.

Promotional products are powerful marketing tools. They are useful, long-lasting and appreciated by the recipient. Put HALO’s creative expertise and product integrity to work for you on your next promotion. Over 40,000 clients nationwide trust HALO to share their brand vision with customers, employees and prospects. Make a lasting impression at a virtual event, trade show, demonstrate support for a fundraiser and attract new clients. Whatever your objective, we will work with you to power your brand —on-time, under budget, and beyond expectations—with every order.