How Does eCommerce Increase the Sale of Custom Products and Large Orders?

Posted On: May 01, 2020 by Steve Condit

In recent years, B2B buyers and specifiers have turned to eCommerce as the fastest and most convenient method of making a large or custom purchases. Custom product manufacturers and industrial distributors that have not yet invested in professional eCommerce website design are beginning to struggle as the B2B online shopping market continues to expand. This form of commerce is especially useful to businesses that specialize in custom offerings and large orders for numerous reasons, allowing them to sell products and reach out to customers more efficiently.

At Marketing Metrics Corp., our team has designed and implemented stunning eCommerce websites for a variety of custom product manufacturers and industrial distributors. Our clients have seen a consistent increase in sales across all of our past website implementations. Here we will explain the positive effects that eCommerce websites have on the sale of large and custom orders.

Reasons Why eCommerce Websites Encourage Custom and Large Orders

Improved engagement with prospects and customers
One of the key reasons why eCommerce websites tend to increase overall sales is because of an improvement in customer engagement. Not only can a larger number of interested prospect and customers access your product offerings 24/7 online, but they can purchase a product online, testing it for fit, form and function and then later interact with your tradition sales channels to get a quote on a large order.  An eCommerce client of ours received a 7-figure order that began as an initial $35 eCommerce purchase.

Business owners can also learn more about their prospects or customers as they provide their contact information when they buy your products online.  By learning more about the customer’s needs and gaining feedback from a larger audience, business owners can adjust their offerings accordingly in order to sell more products. Through online communication, it is also much easier for businesses to present customers with their options for customization in an organized online catalogue, while maintaining an open line of communication throughout the customization process. Through additional marketing tactics such as email marketing you can turn into a long-time customer.

Increased visibility on the search engines

A major benefit of selling products online is the ability to improve you search engine rankings for your stock and custom products. Individual products such as a t-handle-ball-lock-pins or a heavy duty power burr brush will take advantage of various algorithms in order to be sound online and increase website traffic and leads. At Marketing Metrics Corp. we offer a wide range of marketing opportunities in addition to our eCommerce website design services in Wisconsin. One of our most popular services is search engine optimization (SEO), which helps eCommerce websites by improving their online search ranking. Fortunately, the more specific the demographic is for a given organization, the more possibilities there are to target the market with distinct keywords. Businesses will be far more accessible to customers searching for specific custom goods and unusually large orders if SEO practices are deployed.

Cooperation between OEM’s and channel partners

It is far easier today for OEM’s to work with various channel partners such as distributors by providing product data to assist them in their eCommerce efforts. Having an online presence goes far beyond an impressive eCommerce website design, as OEM’s have many options to expand their reach by marketing to new customers through a myriad of online marketing tools.

Increased brand awareness

By offering customers an eCommerce option for making purchases, BTB buyers and specifiers can view individual products at any time and gain a better understanding of your products and brand. Organizations can also promote specific products and offer online promotions through various social media platforms. Our Wisconsin eCommerce website design team at Marketing Metrics Corp. understands the importance of presenting a consistent brand appearance across all online platforms and promotional products. For those dealing with large orders and custom products, it is even more important to increase brand awareness in order for shoppers to gain confidence in your products.

Gaining a competitive edge in the manufacturing market

The majority of mid-sized manufacturing companies do not have a distinct online presence. Manufacturers often rely on distributors and wholesalers to seek out their production services, when in reality, there are many competitors that advertise their services and offer their products online. By developing a presence and positive reputation online, distributors will be far more likely to turn to OEM’s to be an authorized distributor. Marketing Metrics Corp. specializes in manufacturing marketing, which in combination with sleek website design, could be the key to increasing business.

Compatibility with mobile devices

Whether you sell stock or custom fasteners, brushes, or electronic products, prospective customers should be able to view your products from any location or device. This is extremely useful for custom products that may require the buyer to envision their order in a particular location in order to properly customize it. By hiring a professional to design and develop your eCommerce website, you will be able to take advantage of a variety of convenient features such as compatibility with mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

Overall, a professional eCommerce website design has the potential to drastically expand the brand awareness and marketing reach of any manufacturing or distribution business and in turn, results in an incredible return in sales. Organizations can take advantage of the range of sales and marketing opportunities by creating an online presence that incorporates SEO, social media, and video marketing. Custom products and large orders face a number of challenges in gaining the confidence of prospective buyers and displaying their product customization options. These challenges can all be overcome with the help of a professional website designer.

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