The Benefits of Internal Marketing with Promotional Products

Posted On: June 19, 2020 by Steve Condit

The Benefits of Internal Marketing with Promotional Products

With some companies slowly getting back to work and many more still requiring employees to work remotely to prevent the spread of COVID-19, keeping staff and clients safe, the work culture of your firm may have changed drastically. Many companies, up until this point, have relied on face-to-face interaction and touchpoints in the office to boost morale and keep employees happy to come to work each day.

But this doesn’t mean that since your employees are working remotely or your office has reduced staff that you still can’t get them excited about being a part of your team. This is where internal marketing comes into play. Before diving into the details, the team from Marketing Metrics Corp. has collected some insight for you as to what exactly internal marketing is and why it’s beneficial to every business.

Why is Internal Marketing Just as Important as External Marketing?

External marketing is what generates new clients, produces leads and clickthroughs, and ultimately increases your company’s bottom line, so you might be a little wary at first to hear that internal marketing is just as important. But don’t make up your mind just yet, because there are a variety of reasons why doing both is essential for your business.

Often, with staff members, giving them something more substantial than a simple email or greeting card with your logo on it can go a long way and remind them that they’re a valued member of the team.

If you plan on giving your staff some promotional products, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make them Personal: When it comes to giving staff members promotional products, make them be something they’ll actually use, like branded self-care items or other things they’ll appreciate for their home office; even slippers or flip flops for working from home!
  • Get Physical: Providing your staff with branded items they can use while exercising also shows them you care about their physical well-being. Consider giving them some branded water bottles or jump ropes; get creative.
  • Give Items for the Whole Household: If you know your employees also have family members, why not give them promotional products that everyone can use? Branded toys for children can be a great idea or household items like potholders and cooking equipment.
  • Provide Functional Items for Working from Home: If you have a large number of staff members working from home, give them a few things with your logo on it that they can use throughout the workday, like headphones, mousepads, portable chargers or power banks.
  • Branded Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): With PPE being a requirement to enter most businesses and retail establishments, giving your staff some branded face masks, shields, and hand sanitizer can help them avoid having to get such things on their own time. Plus, your brand will be seen when they go out into the world each day, meaning more advertising opportunities for your company.

Other Great Promotional Product Ideas for Internal Marketing Purposes

The ideas mentioned above are a great start, but that’s not all you can do. With things returning back to normal and many businesses putting employees back to work and hiring new staff, there are some great internal marketing opportunities that can boost morale.

For example, when hiring someone new, offer them a new-hire kit that consists of branded promotional items that they’ll be able to put to use every day while working for you. Welcome kits can include branded clothing items, edible treats, and other things to make them feel welcome, even if you can’t show them around the new office yet.

Gifts and employee swag for milestones is another great way to show your employees you’re thinking about them even if they’re not in the office every day. Mark your calendar to send team members gifts on their birthday or congratulatory swag when they close a big account or connect with a new high-volume client!

Whether your employees are working from home or you’re having meetings each day remotely, implementing an employee gear day is a great idea to have a little fun and sport your company’s branded materials. Seeing everyone in their gear, whether it be company t-shirts or hoodies, can help build a sense of comradery and team unity either on-site or remotely.

Sending out new products for your employees to test out and have some fun before they hit the market is also another great way to keep them engaged and involved. If you’re a tech company, send them the latest software to try out or a new pair of headphones to use when they’re on call; they’ll certainly appreciate the gesture.

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