Optimize Talent Acquisition with an Employment Marketing Agency

Posted On: December 07, 2021 by Steve Condit

Why Should HR Care About Marketing?

Let’s answer that question in the simplest, most direct way.
HR cares about people.
Marketing cares about building relationships – with people!
Do you see the connection? It’s people.
While they may seem like entirely separate business functions in an organization, HR and Marketing must work cohesively and collaboratively to achieve common and important goals.

Employment Marketing Agencies are experts in using tactics and technologies that help a company stand out in a competitive labor market. In fact, when it comes to attracting new talent, employment marketing agencies such as Marketing Metrics Corp. deliver a wide range of benefits, especially where the HR department is concerned.

Aligning HR and marketing strategies is one of the best ways to generate a quality talent pool and improve recruitment. Some of the biggest benefits companies can see in their talent acquisition efforts, especially in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, include:

  • An increase in applicants through improved marketing for quality candidates. Marketers will use different recruiting tactics depending upon the:
    • Job and Role: entry-level, or experienced salespeople or upper management who have driven growth.
    • Target market or demographic segment: Rather than reaching a general audience, sourcing strategies should vary depending on the target market or demographic segment – Millennials, Gen Z, women, veterans, racial and cultural backgrounds, etc.
    • Employer brand: For example, what key culture differentiators set your company apart from other employers? The employment marketing agency can leverage these highlights to craft the key messaging for the talent acquisition campaign.
  • Agencies are experienced in planning and executing recruitment campaigns, events, materials, and using a variety of channels including company career page, mailers, signage, digital and print ads, social media and recruitment websites (Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.)
  • Agencies also have experience in monitoring the effectiveness of branding and recruiting campaigns so you can show a return on investment from multiple channels and tactics.
  • Improvement in the overall relationship between your HR and internal/external marketing teams.

By selecting an experienced employment marketing agency, you’ll substantially increase your hiring success-rate and optimize your talent acquisition budget.

Employment Marketing Agencies Use Creative and Innovative Tactics to Attract More Job Applicants

Today, recruits are interested in much more than traditional perks such as salary. They are concerned about company culture and quality of life. They want to see that their company and job have a purpose and are meaningful. As a result, human resources and marketing are teaming up to devise new strategies designed to break through the clutter and draw in the best employees.

  • Gen Z friendly apps like TikTok: Many companies are using TikTok Resumes, the new video-based resume platform the social media giant rolled out earlier this year. It appeals to younger candidates who might be nervous in a first interview as it enables them to show their authentic self before they come into an interview.
  • Virtual Job Fair: Hosting a virtual job fair is one of the best ways to highlight what you do best and why applicants should choose your company over competitors. It gives you the best chance possible to communicate your company’s unique selling points to attract talent.
  • Expand your reach with community event marketing: Many Millennials want to know that they can make a positive difference in the community, and they value companies that have a bigger purpose. Involvement in charitable causes (United Way, Children’s Hospital, local food pantry, etc.), can be communicated through action shots or even videos of your participating employees. For example, Brigs is the primary sponsor for the annual Brigs and Al’s Run with 100% of the proceeds going to Children’s Hospital. Over 15,000 runners and walkers attend this event, but every community has smaller 5K races and walks. Your community service web page should showcase the ways that your company contributes to society.
  • Social Media and Search Engine Marketing: Advertising open positions on Facebook, Google and Bing produces many website visits and applications.
  • Employment Marketing Video: This tactic is extremely important. We are currently editing an employment marketing video where a professional marketing person interviewed employees at their annual picnic. Afterwards he took a company tour and interviewed additional employees on the job. We have amazing video and audio of employees expressing how they love their job and the company.
  • Reaching stay-at-home candidates through direct mail: If you have ever worked from home before, you know that walking to the mailbox is a much-needed break. Many of our clients have seen success from mailing a post card promoting an open house or hiring event. With QR codes or unique URL’s, tracking the ROI is easier than ever. Another added benefit of this marketing approach is that it helps you reach a specific geographic area.
  • Account-Based Marketing: Account-based marketing (ABM) is a “rifle” marketing strategy which focuses on delivering qualified sales leads within a highly targeted group of prospects and accounts. Taking an account-based marketing approach for employment marketing can also be beneficial for some HR departments. This is because it offers a targeted approach and enables companies to target their multichannel marketing campaign to individuals that may be employed by competitors, or where they’ll have the greatest return. For example, one of our clients learned that a competitor was closing a nearby operation. We used ads on LinkedIn, Google and Bing to target people working for this competitor. The resulting website visitors and applications were outstanding.

Contact us today to learn more about creating an employment marketing plan for your organization. We will take the time to understand your talent acquisition goals, identify any gaps in your recruitment process, and help you attract the best candidates.

If you’ve decided you’d like to learn more about how an employment marketing plan can work for your company, the team from Marketing Metrics Corp. would love to discuss it with you. Our experience in HR, marketing, and technology make us uniquely positioned to help companies create employment marketing plans that generate tangible results.

In addition to our employment marketing solutions, we also offer a wide range of marketing services designed to suit your needs, such as website development and design, SEO services, advertising solutions, e-commerce services, and more. We’re particularly positioned to help those in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, using our extensive marketing expertise to help companies target key groups, such as industrial buyers and specifiers, engineers, and plant managers.

Marketing Metrics Corp. is committed to tailoring your online content and marketing approach to target recruits and getting them to accept your employment offer. To learn more about what our employment marketing agency has to offer, contact our team and speak to a representative today. Call us at (262) 691-9229 to discuss your talent acquisition and recruitment objectives and targets.