How B2B E-Commerce Leads to a Better User Experience

Posted On: February 19, 2018 by

In addition to increasing sales for your business, a well-designed online catalog and integrated shopping cart can lead to a better user experience. Why is this important? B2B buyers and specifiers expect the same user experience with your website as they do with their favorite B2C websites. Those who visit your online sales portal will either be returning customers or interested parties. Therefore, the user experience should be intuitive to ensure strong leads and sales.

By planning a e-catalog that impresses visitors, you are investing in the long-term success of your business. Such details are integral to your entire digital marketing campaign, and they will make a difference in how potential customers perceive your company. Remember: not all online catalogs and shopping carts are created equal. Marketing Metrics Corp. specializes in the integration of best-in-class technology platforms to create B2B eCommerce websites that today’s buyers and specifiers expect. If you are considering upgrading your current website to a rich-function, robust, user-friendly E-Commerce site that will rival leading B2C websites – give us a call!

Making It Easier for Your Prospects and Customers to do Business with You

One of the top reasons that an E-Commerce site is useful is that it streamlines the shopping experience. That can only be good for your business. Happier customers are more likely to make purchases, as well as return to your online catalog as a trusted resource.

If you are exploring the idea of developing a B2B E-Commerce website, consider the following points:

  1. Content: Each product should have a dedicated page providing specifications, supporting documents, brochures, videos, images, CAD drawings, etc. Do you have products that are complimentary to each other? Or they are an add-on? Include them in your catalog so you have the ability to Cross Sell/Up Sell. Offering an online catalog does not necessarily mean that you must display pricing. If you prefer, you may provide a request for quotation (RFQ) option for products. If you have a custom product, offer the user the ability to configure products on your website and then immediately download a 3D CAD drawing or send a RFQ.
  2. Product, Keyword & Faceted Search: An e-catalog may be equipped with an interactive search function, providing clients with access to a virtually endless stream of your products. Allow the user to quickly search by what is important to them including competitive part numbers that corresponds to your part numbers. Faceted search enables the user to quickly find products by specified material, manufacturer, dimensions, application, etc. Lastly, let the user narrow their search or choose the format of how the content is shown on the website.
  3. Pricing, Inventory, Shipping & Billing: Your online sales portal should also offer quantity discounts, inventory levels, various shipping options including using the customers own freight provider, and billing options including issuing a PO and /or tax ID number.
  4. Repeat Customers or channel partners: Create private logins for repeat customers or channel partners to show special pricing, unique content and order history.
  5. Make it Mobile: Google partnered with Millward Brown Digital to survey 3,000 B2B decision makers about their research and purchase habits. According to the study: 42 percent of researchers use a mobile device during their B2B purchasing process. Search activity for those using a smartphone has intensified. Google is reporting a 3X growth in mobile queries. B2B researchers are not just using mobile devices when they are out of the office; 49 percent of B2B researchers who use their mobile devices for research do so while at work.

Remaining competitive is vital for B2B marketers and offering an e-catalog is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Today’s shoppers expect more choices than ever, so make sure you meet this expectation by giving your customers access to a solid online store.

Marketing Metrics Corp. can assist with all of your digital marketing efforts. We have a wealth of experience creating E-Commerce websites for distributors and manufacturers. Let your online sales get a shot in the arm with powerful e-catalogs.

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